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Concrete Sand M sand for concreting - used in concrete and asphalt mixtures.
Concrete Sand

This type of sand is often made of things like gneiss, granite, and limestone, and it is frequently mined and crushed at a quarry before it is washed and sifted. From there, the sand is distributed to contractors, supply yards, and other consumers of the material.

Plasters Sand M sand for plastering - used in tiling and wall plastering purposes.
Plasters Sand

This type of sand is soft,durable, clean, better grain of shape, free from impurities, smoother texture, rounded, fine gradewith suitable particles, primarily used for plastering or rendering, generally available in white- grey, yellow and red colour and it resulting greater smoother overall finished surface.

Brick by V Rock Sand M sand for brick or block work - used for masonry or brick or block-laying works.
Brick by V Rock Sand

This type of sand is defined as “Fine Aggregate Produced by Crushing Hard Stone”. This means that it is a controlled crusher dust which does not have more than 20% passing 150 micron sieve and not more than 15% passing 75 micron sieve.

Advantages of
Greater Durability

M-Sand has balanced physical and chemical properties that can withstand any aggressive environmental and climatic conditions as it has enhanced durability, greater strength, and overall economy.

Offsets Construction Defects

M-Sand has optimum initial and final setting time as well as excellent fitneness which will help to overcome the deficiencies of concrete such as Segregation, Bleeding, Honeycombing, Voids, and Capillary.


M - Sand is the only alternative to river sand. Dredging of river beds to get river sand will lead to environmental disasters like ground water depletion, water scarcity, a threat to the safety of bridges, Dams, etc.

High Strength

The superior shape, proper gradation of fines, smooth surface texture, and consistency in production parameter of chemically stable sands provides greater durability and higher strength to concrete by overcoming deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids, and capillary.

Greater Work Ability

The crusher dust is flaky and angular in shape which is troublesome in working. There is no plasticity in the mortar which makes it even difficult for the mason to work, whereas the cubical shape with grounded edge and superior gradation gives good plasticity to the mortar providing excellent work ability.


Usage of M-Sand can drastically reduce the cost since like river sand, it does not contain impurities and wastage is NIL.

Genesis of M - Sand

Sand. One of the world's most consumed yet least appreciated commodities. Although sand is the second largest natural resource by volume after water, yet need for a specific kind of sand for construction, makes the availability of this critical raw material, limited.

Fortunately, there is an affordable and ecological alternative solution to it. Manufactured Sand.

The idea was to take hard stones and to use our crushing and screening technologies for reprocessing them into high-quality, high-value construction aggregate that meets the construction industry's requirements of particle shape and grading proportions.